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Student Council Association (SCA) is a club that focuses on student activities within the school and community. The council is made up of student officers who work with school administrators to ensure the success of school-wide projects and activities. Student council officers hold monthly forums in which students from all over school may participate. These forums take place in the auditorium every third Thursday of the month from 2:00-2:30. During forums, student representatives from various school clubs/organizations attend to communicate ideas between their respective clubs and the student council representatives. All interested students (not only those representing clubs) are invited to participate in discussions about what is going on at school and have their voices heard by their peers. SCA plans major school events including homecoming, community service projects, pep rallies, etc. SCA provides students with an opportunity to share ideas, collaborate with peers, be involved in decision making, and step into leadership roles within the school community.

Sponsors:  Kristie Keeler  and Jenny Beasley               

21017-18 Officers

President: Mellany Groll

Senior VP: Nicole Doepper

Junior VP: Abigail Varriccho

Secretary: Evie Esslinger

Public Relations: Annika Devart

Treasurer: Michael Chase